Trumpeter Page 7 Summer 2010 to Winter 2013

KLAMATH HISTORICAL SOCIETY TRUMPETERS  (Click on the Blue Date to See that Trumpeter)


Summer 2010


Fish and Game Regulations-Then and Now by John Fortune, Oregon 1909, Pine Grove School Centennial, Historical Society Summer Activities, KCHS News

Fall 2010


Camp Day by Malcolm Eply, Historical Society Programs for 2010, KCHS News

January 2011


Museum Levy Kick-off, Production of Minor Crops in the Klamath Basin by Todd Kepple, Turkeys Galore

Fall 2011


New Front Page, Year to Remember: Armory on National Register-Picnic on the Williamson River, Westside Bus Tour, Rock Creek Ranch-Lakeside Resort Lodges, Crystal Creek Ranch and Lodge, Pelican Bay, Point Comfort, Odessa-Wampler Ranch, Museum Highlights, Malin Bus Tour, Upcoming at the Museum

January 2012


Houston Hotel Fire, Ongoing Research and History Projects, Irene Currin's 100th Birthday Party

Spring 2012


100 Years of Oregon Women's Vote-Suffrage Campaign in Klamath County, Equal Suffrage League in the News, Klamath Women in Equal Suffrage League, Irene Currin 100th Birthday, Link River Canyon and Klamath Vista KCHS page

Summer 2012


100 Years of Hoo-Hoo in Klamath Falls, Early School Houses in Klamath County, Rustlers, Rogues and Range Wars, Eastside Cemeteries Tour, High Street Homes Tour, Summer Picnic, Linkville Cemetery Cleanup, A Look at Nineteenth Century Medicine by Daniel Foster, Tour to Weed along the Railroad line and Interesting Points, Museum Happenings, KCHS News

Winter 2012


Christmas in the Center of Main Street, Holidays of Other Years..Herald and News November 20th, 1949, 100th Birthday of Robert Redfield Elliott, Klamath County Pioneers..John and Harriet Donnell, 100 Years of Women Suffrage

Spring 2013


Fort Klamath Celebrates 150 Years, 70 Years of Historical Society Records

Summer 2013


Linkville Cemetery Cleanup, Summer Tours and Walks, Where are the Hot Springs?, Summer Picnic at the Phyllis Goebel's on the Williamson River, People in the News- Lynn Jeche Retires, Welcome Niles and Jim, KCHS News

Fall 2013


Modoc War and Multimedia, The Tragic Irony of Two Great Leaders, Summer Picnic Highlights, Chiloquin and Spraque River Bus Tour, In Memory of Dorothy Anderson, Nights at the Fort Klamath Cemetery, KCHS News

Winter 2013


Fire Destroys Historic Moore House, Disposition of Fort Klamath Soldiers' Remains by Bill Johnson, The First Post Cemetery, The Second Post Cemetery, Disinterment, Final Resting Place, New Officers and Special Recognition