Trumpeter Page 10 Spring 2022 - Winter 2023

KLAMATH HISTORICAL SOCIETY TRUMPETERS  (Click on the Blue Date to See that Trumpeter)


Spring Trumpeter 2022    


Dues. Women's History Month, Marking Women’s History Month in Klamath County by Valeree Lane, Taylor Tupper Women’s History Month Herstory As told to Diane Eastman Shockey, Book Review by Bill Lewis

Summer Trumpeter 2022


Yearly report, The Old Malin Gas Station by Ron Lovemess, Day's Work Falling Timber by Wallace Budden, KCHS Page

Fall Trumpeter 2022


DAR Commnity Service Award, Linkville Cemetery Tour 2022- by Carol Mattos, Hogsback Cattle Drive - by Loren Meeker

Winter Trumpeter 2022


Historical Accomplishments 2022, PRELUDE TO WAR BY RYAN BARTHOLOMEW, 150 Years by Todd Kepple. Modoc War books at the gift shop. Echoes

Spring Trumpeter 2023


March was Womens's History Month, Progams for Spring, Editor's thoughts, Grave Mistakes by Ryan Bartthomew, More Modoc War books at the gift shop, Trumpeter Tales by Bill Lewis, Memorial Funds, Echoes and the KCHS page

Summer Trumpeter 2023


Summer Picnic, Exiled to The Indian Territory by Bill Lewis, Early History of Klamath County as Seen by Joseph O Hamaker by Ron Loveness, Facts about Louisa Boddy by Ryan Bartholomew and the KCHS page

Fall Trumpeter 2023


“Museums Yes!” campaign – Support our local museums; Heroes or Villians – The 1873 Modoc War Crimes Trial by Doug Foster 

Winter Trumpeter 2023


Recap of Night at the Cemetery, highlighting Ora May Young (AKA Flora de Lee); new Officers and Board members; 2024 meeting schedule; In memorium - Margaret (Gerber) Cheyne